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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Dear So and So...Head Exploding From The Level of Stupid

Dear Lady in the Waitrose Carpark,

In the words of the immortal Dustin Hoffman in Midnight Cowboy "Hey! I'm Walkin' here!" First off lets point out that I am not a small person, second of all I was walking in a group, and thirdly should you really be driving if taking out pedestrians is your thing? I didn't even see you until you were damn near driving over my leg and my mom was yelling at me to watch out. You seriously need to hold off on the haul ass through the car park. I'm just sayin is all.

Still Going Over It In My Head, The Lady Who Appreciates Walking. A lot.

Dear Children of Mine,

We seem to have an excess of whine in this house lately.

Zip It, Mom

Dear Hubby,

I love you so much. I don't want you to leave, but I know duty calls. Please bring me back nice knock off designer bags and a nice big mink blanket.

Love, Wifey

Dear Traffic Impeding Utility Work,

I really don't care if these new houses that you are building have, water, electricity, etc. Please quit blocking off the traffic in the town next to mine. It is nearly impossible to get through town between the hours of 4pm-6pm because of your newest hole in the road. Could we try to get all the work done at once next time? This is the 5th time in the last few months that you have torn up the road outside this new housing area. It is seriously annoying when you are running late to school in a hurry.

Perpetually Late, Kat

Dear Readers,

If you have letters of your own please link up! Have a fantabulous weekend.

Love, Kat