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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

About That...

I guess as a military wife should share my feelings on the demise of bin Laden.

1) I am glad he is no longer alive.
2) No, I am not dancing around with glee because we are still at war.
3) He proved he was a coward until the very end, hiding behind his wife.
4) A head shot was too good for him after all of the horrors he inflicted upon the world.
5) Take some times to remember the victims of his attack, not only those affected on 9/11. He was also responsible directly for the first World Trade Center Attack, the bombing of the Khobar Tower in Saudi Arabia, the Embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania, and the attack on the USS Cole in Yemen. Al Qaeda was also responsible for other attacks including the Bali nightclub bombings, the 7/7 attacks, and the Madrid train bombings.

So, those are my feelings on the subject, and that is the last I will speak of this monster. Feel free to disagree with me. Stay vigilant; the terrorists will not stop just because he has been eliminated.


Unknown said...

I agree that we should be relived that this hate-spreading terrorist has gone. But I feel very very uncomfortable with the celebrations over a man's death.
Yes he was evil and yes it's good that he is no longer able to spread hate, but his death isn't something to cheer and wave flags about. I just find it in bad taste.

Moon said...

No matter how evil this monster has been, I cannot celebrate another death. I am pleased justice has been served, and this figurehead of Terror has gone. But, to celebrate with flag waving, singing in the street for me lack dignity. The Armed Forces have done the world a favour, but I can't celebrate the death of someone, albeit an evil monster.

Rachel Selby said...

I think you just about summed it up perfectly. And whilst to say I was not celebrating would be a lie - it is a quiet internal celebrating as, as Tara and Moon so rightly say, there is something distasteful about dancing in the streets over a death.

Sueann said...

Agreed!! I am not dancing either...but relieved that the mastermind has been removed. Now we have to wait and see what his followers have in store for us. Sigh!!
Hugging you

The Broad said...

I absolutely agree with you. Well said. I feel that though the 'celebrations' are understandable, they are exceedingly inappropriate.

Jess said...

So long mother fucker!! I couldn't help but think of how disappointed he was when he got to that special place in hell and there weren't all those virgins he had hoped for. And I also wondered if the sharks he was buried with spit him out. Surely even sharks have a taste pallet of some sort.

Granny said...

I don't think people who do not live in America understand the complete horror this man has inflected on our country. He changed us from a peace loving nation to one who trusts no one. He was the personification of evil and the world is a much better place with him gone.

A word to the other leaders of Al Queada. President Bush said, "You can run, you can hide but we will find you no matter how long it takes." Thank God, President Obama never waivered in this resolve. We will find you.

I didn't dance at the word the Osama bin Ladin was dead, but I did say "
Thank God." and I felt lighter in my whole being. Maybe our young men and women will be coming home soon and no more precious lives will be lost.

Hugs and kisses to all


Anonymous said...

Well said, Kat. Well said.