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Monday, May 2, 2011

Snippits from Sunday

Sitting at the table at a restaurant my husband and daughter were having a bit of banter about the trampoline moves she had taught him the day before. She and her friends have come up with names of "crack the egg" and "flip the bacon" for two of the moves.

La-"YEAH and I showed you how to crack the egg and flip the bacon!!
The Man- "Maybe one day I will show you how to cut the cheese.

The Man, the girls and I went in search of movies to rent after dinner.

LaLa scanning and sounding out a title on the shelf "People....I've...Sleept...With"
Me- "Move along.... you don't need to see that"
LaLa Still looking at movies "Jjjjaaaaackass 3"
Me- "Man, there are really some times I wish you still couldn't read."
*man behind me starts sniggering*

1 comment:

Sueann said...

Ha!!!! Yes! Those were the days for sure. Now she can read..oh dear!!