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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Pecker

My daughter has a toy she calls "the pecker". It is one of those old fashioned wooden toys where there is a bird fastened by a spring onto a metal rod. To operate the toy, you slide the bird up the rod and then the spring action makes the bird look like it is pecking as it is sliding down the rod.

Today, since they are on half term break (yes, again), I had to take the girls with me to my WeightWatchers meeting (4lbs off! Way to go me!!). As I was waiting in line to first get my weigh in card and then to actually weigh in, KiKi struck up a conversation with the ladies on either side of me in the line.

"Wanna see my pecker?"

The American woman in front of me looked a bit aghast, since pecker is a slang for a penis. Then she saw the toy and giggled. The English lady behind me didn't really have a reaction because pecker is the slang for a nose. She then properly oohed and ahhed over the toy much to KiKi's delight.

We really do need to think of a better name for this toy.